The agropastoral club is one of the twelve clubs present in Nazareth. The club is engaged in realising practical activities that previously appear in the curriculum as normal theoritical lessons in agropastoral. The club is equally engaged in raising up agropastoral projects and realising them correctly. For this year 2019/2020, the club has entailed the realisstion of many projects like:

– Creating a school garden for agropastoral studies.

– Creating a poultry for the raising of 50 fowls. 

– Creating a fruit garden for the cultivation of fruits vegetables like: carrots, tomatoes, okro, cabbage, cucumber etc.

– Creating a papaya farm with specialised mechanisms.

 Other projects are still on study. With the realisation of these named projects, it is visible that our children will learn many things in the domain of agropastoral.

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