Une mind map, encore appelée topogramme, schéma heuristique ou carte mentale, constitue un outil extrêmement efficace d’extraction et de mémorisation des informations. Il s’agit d’une méthode créative et logique pour prendre des notes et consigner des idées, qui consiste littéralement à “cartographier” votre réflexion sur un thème. Toutes les Mind Maps disposent d’éléments communs. Articulées autour d’un noyau central, elles mettent en œuvre des lignes, des symboles, des mots, des couleurs et des images illustrant des concepts simples et faciles à mémoriser. L’élaboration d’une mind map permet de transformer une longue liste de données rébarbatives en un diagramme attrayant, coloré, logique et hautement structuré, en harmonie avec le fonctionnement naturel du cerveau.
Creating a mind map starts with a central idea, and then branches out into related ideas. These can then branch further, providing more detail with each level. Each of these ideas is presented in a box, circle, or other shape. Connecting lines show the relationships between ideas in each branch level. Mind maps can be a valuable tool for group collaboration as they lend coherence to ideas that might otherwise seem unrelated.
Some more recommendations: Use colors, drawings and symbols copiously. Be as visual as you can, and your brain will thank you. I’ve met many people who don’t even try, with the excuse they’re “not artists”. Don’t let that keep you from trying it out!. Keep the topics labels as short as possible, keeping them to a single word – or, better yet, to only a picture. Especially in your first mind maps, the temptation to write a complete phrase is enormous, but always look for opportunities to shorten it to a single word or figure – your mind map will be much more effective that way. Vary text size, color and alignment. Vary the thickness and length of the lines. Provide as many visual cues as you can to emphasize important points. Every little bit helps engaging your brain.

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