Notion de mélange et les types de mélange :

Ce vendredi 10 septembre 2021, les élèves de CLASS 3/CE1 ont fait un cours de science sur la notion de mélange et les types de mélange. Pour faciliter l’apprentissage, ils ont eu à pratiquer les différents mélanges à l’aide de l’eau , du sel , du sucre , du café , du riz et du sable . A la fin de ce cours, ils doivent être capables de distinguer un mélange homogène d’un mélange hétérogène .

Hello , hi hi

Here we are once more in our school premises and we wish to exalt the great initiatives and spectacular realisations of tour kids through the artistic program of the SDG s in our school. Happy am I to discover that wheels can be re-used and thus avoid pollution and also to discover what great meals can be cooked with left overs. M Neyeng Simon , the arts teacher is simply great. Move on dear kids, this new recycling tips will bring a considerable climate action in our school environment but please, do transfer the knowledge and make us of it in your homes.

Eagle eyes!


What a Joy to share with you all after a long period of time. As the tittle insinuates, the theme of this year is together we can! as such, the nursery collaborate in group so as to put this in practice. Hence we also invits the parents to collaborate in the Tripot Learning by having interest in the various activities carried out in the school. Thanks to all.

As we all know today 6th January is the school recovery for the second term. As such, we the kids of Nursery school decided to visit various chiken coops found in nkozoa given that our monthly theme is on ANIMALS. We visited animals like hen, pigs, and Rabbits and the next step for us is to choose any one of these animals and raise it in our school compound.


On a special day like this one where we celebrate Saint Lucy “Virgin” and ” Martyr” The children of the Nursery proved to their teachers that they could also enter the KITCHEN and prepare a traditional meal. As such the various classes had a specific Menu to present some of which were; Water fufu and eru, Okok and Baton de manioc, Foufou corn and Okro, Rice and Mbongo Tchobi etc

We thank God because everything went on smoothly.

spiritualité, sexualité et savoir vivre:
le camping au COBISAFANA a été très riche et déja il porte du fruit avec l'observation d'une prise de concscience chez certains des élèves qui y ont pris part. le camping c'était deux jours de prière, ateliers de connaissance de soi et soirée cinéma sur la génerosité. le vivre ensemble aussi a permis aux éducateurs de mieux connaitre les apprenants des talents cachés ont été découverts


christmas comes soon but before this great period we are entering the time of advent with a new theme for the pastoral year in the diocese of yaounde: the sacred heart of Jesus. are you prepared for that? let us start by xmas trees