Welcome to the official website of NAZARETH NKOZOA.
NAZARETH NKOZOA presents itself as a school of thoughts and as a home base for the Congregation of THE MISSIONARIES DAUGHTERS OF THE HOLY FAMILY OF NAZARETH. As a school, NAZARETH offers a typical bilingual system of education in the nursery, the primary and the secondary. The two official languages building up the bilingualism system here are English and French. You therefore understand that the school is a complex, offering the three sub sections of the CAMEROON basic and secondary education.

La vision de Nazareth est celle qu’a eu St JOSEPH MANYANET Y VIVES, fondateur des congrégations des Fils de la Sainte Famille et des Missionnaires Filles de la Sainte Famille de Nazareth : “Faire de chaque famille un Nazareth”. Il n’est donc pas question ici d’éduquer le cœur et l’intelligence seulement de ceux qui sont près de nous mais d’aller vers ceux qui sont plus loin, et de s’assurer que chaque milieu, chaque famille et chaque communauté ait quelqu’un qui reflète les valeurs de Nazareth. Ainsi donc, la vision de la congrégation voyagera partout, pour un monde meilleur, stable et paisible.

The Sisters of the congregation who are the coordinators of Nazareth schools worldwide are in the logic of educating human beings as a whole, not only the knowledge but also the heart; “WE EDUCATE THE INTELLIGENCE AND THE HEART”. Clearly understanding this system brings many people to integrate the way of living of the Nazareth community. A family!

The model is simply based on the BIBLICAL HOLY FAMILY: JESUS, MARY and JOSEPH. With the Holy Spirit guiding the spiritual path of the entire group. This has to be applied in the school milieu, in families and among brethrens.